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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

Disneynature’s Bears trailer: no one tell Stephen Colbert!

It’s just more left-wing liberal Hollywood propaganda. America’s No. 1 threat — bears — portrayed as majestic, elegant beings living and frolicking in a veritable paradise. Oh, look: cute, cuddly cubs! Until they eat your face off, America. Wake up, people!

US/Canada release date: Apr 18 2014
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  • PJK

    So Disney is now Disneyfying Bears? Bears are not your friends, they’re massive killing machines. Please don’t let the children believe their cuddle and cute because that will really do them a disservice when they meet one in the wild.

  • Isn’t this a remake of a bear movie Disney made back in the Sixties or Seventies? One with a raccoon as a co-star?

  • No, this is a nature documentary in the same vein as Disneynature has been doing over the past few years.

  • I’m being sarcastic in this post. These Disneynature docs don’t Disneyfy animals.

  • PJK

    It was actually the trailer that made me make that comment, I knew you were being sarcastic. >B’)

  • Doh!

  • RogerBW

    This sort of anti-ursine propaganda is just the sort of thing we expect from the rabid conservative tendency that’s holding the country back. Bears are our friends, and we should dress in clothes made of salmon, nuts and berries and leave the pepper spray at home.

    (pp U. A. Horribilis)

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