One Direction: This Is Us trailer: girls do so look

I have no plans to see this movie. I’m not a fan of the band, and I can’t imagine there’s any point to the film beyond drooling over the lads, who are waaay too young and unformed to be of interest to me. But I figured on posting the trailer today because I am moved to smack down the many, many people who dismiss this movie and the band on the sole basis of their appeal to young girls.

In all the realms of pop culture, only pop music regularly caters to the desires and gaze of girls. I was in Leicester Square the other evening when this film was having its premiere, where all the band members were appearing, and so the square was jammed with thousands and thousands of young girls squealing their hearts out. It was loud. It was great. Everywhere else we turn — movies, comic books, even advertising — we see female eye candy being offered to boys and men, and we see male desire being pandered to. And those screams were unignorable evidence that it’s complete bullshit that women don’t respond to the same. Girls and women do look, and do like to look. And it absolutely astonishes me that Hollywood, which we’re constantly told is a business only in it for the money, continually ignores half the population it could be pandering to and raking in dough from.

This movie will make all the money, and still, no one in the industry will get a clue from that.

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