this is Hollywood’s sexism, right here


(above, a still from a lingerie ad. no, wait: it’s a from a female-led action movie)

This is the bullshit. From Heat Vision:

‘Sucker Punch’ May Be Why There Aren’t More Female-Led Action Movies

The Planet Ethereia blog reports that Tara Cardinal attempted to get Legendary Pictures — producers of Pacific Rim, Man of Steel and Clash of the Titans, amongst other projects — interested in her fantasy project Legend of the Red Reaper. The studio turned her down, for a number of reasons. One of which, in particular, seems a little of place with the others.

The email from the (unnamed) Legendary representative was published on the site, unedited. “Thank you for letting me take a look at your script this weekend,” it began. “…while I am personally drawn to the presence of a female action hero, it is currently a tough sell with the less than stellar way SUCKER PUNCH was received…”

In related news, Legendary has also started turning down any project related to male action heroes after the less-than-stellar reception to Jack the Giant Slayer, Jonah Hex and Ninja Assassin, as well as giant monster characters after Pacific Rim. Oh, wait. Never mind.

The failure of male-led action movies is NEVER a reason to stop making male-led action movies. Never ever ever.

This is the bullshit. This is Hollywood’s sexism.

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