Zero Charisma trailer: are nerds people?

I won’t know what to make of this until I see it. It looks like it’s going to trade in nerd stereotypes that do no one any good. Yes, America, nerds are all overweight, undersocialized, overgrown babies who still live with their parents (in that bad way that is meant to indicate a lack of an adult life, not in that realistic way that today indicates no one has any freakin’ money). Nerds are Other, not the PhD lady next door who makes Doctor Who quilts, not the famous handsome actor who eats cookies with a Muppet. Not real people.

We’ll see.

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Thu, Sep 19, 2013 12:49pm

It seems like the movie could either reinforce that stereotype OR challenge it… After all, the bespectacled, more “mainstream”-seeming guy that the Main Nerd hates is clearly a nerd himself too, or he wouldn’t be there RPGing with the rest of them.

Fri, Sep 20, 2013 11:41am

As a gamer, and indeed a gaming author, I note that the stereotype of gamers hasn’t shifted for thirty years. And gaming has only been happening in a recognisable form for forty, and for the first ten years most people hadn’t heard of it.

But even if this weren’t ridiculing something I care about, I suspect I’d still be filing it under “look at the funny man” comedy. Yes, some people are Not Like You. If you’ve mentally left school, this should not be a startling revelation to you.