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The Lego Movie trailer 2: definitely maybe

Everyone is talking about this, so I feel a certain geeky obligation to post it for you guys.

I may potentially be feeling slightly more optimistic about this movie now than I did after the first trailer. Or at least I feel slightly less despair. I didn’t actually laugh at anything here, but I could see how what’s hinted here could possibly lead to some laughter. In the hands of the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs guys, maybe. Please.

US/Canada release date: Feb 7 2014 | UK release date: Feb 14 2014
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  • Isabelle May

    Really really want Elizabeth Banks’ character to be more than a manic pixie dream girl please yes thank you

  • RogerBW

    The feel I’m getting is “yay, we can do movie clichés in Lego”. Which doesn’t seem like enough to sustain a full film. But we’ll see…

  • This is being received ecstatically on a number of sites I frequent. I have no idea why. Nothing in this trailer for a supposed comedy seems remotely funny to me, and even if they did intentionally include *all* of the cliches, they didn’t do anything *interesting* with them.

  • She looks to be more in the Quorra/Trinity mold.

  • Isabelle May

    More than that please! Mako Mori has given me expectations in character development…

  • I’m not hopeful. :-(

  • Isabelle May

    Neither am I :C

  • I really, really want there to be more than one female character with lines and a name in the whole damn movie, but the trailer doesn’t make me hopeful for that, either.

    (For fuck’s sake, Hollywood, my SIX-YEAR-OLD can figure out that if women are half the human race, they should be more than 1/10 of a movie’s significant characters, although her reasoning is a bit more simple. “That’s not fair!” No. No, it isn’t.)

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    Are your expectations now “have some”?

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