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what movie has most inspired you in your life?


When you love movies so much that they’re a part of your life, it’s impossible not to find yourself taking on bits of their philosophies and attitudes. In that vein:

What movie has most inspired you in your life?

Perhaps a film actually inspired you to do something or learn something. Perhaps it’s merely a positive feeling that a particularly film left you with that has lingered longer than a moviegoing experience usually does.

This is far from the only film that has inspired me (I’ve mentioned others repeatedly in the past, such as Raiders of the Lost Ark and Fantasia), but I’m going to pick Tim Burton’s Ed Wood. Some days I wish I could share Wood’s unflagging confidence in himself and his work. Perhaps Johnny Depp’s portrayal is not a strictly accurate reflection of the real Wood — or maybe it is; I don’t know — but it must be nice to be so assured of oneself in a very unsure industry. Of course, Wood was completely deluded about his abilities and his talents, but Depp’s Wood, at least, never knew that, and took total joy in his work. We should all be so lucky.

Your turn…

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