evening clickbait: are time travelers on the Net?; the He-man Hollywood woman haters club; the burden of glorious purpose; the Inside Llewyn Davis tweet ad controversy

• Has the Internet proven that time travel is real? (Spoiler: No.) “This is an actual academic paper about tracking time travelers online” [The Daily Dot]

• The terror of men, as represented by some of the comments here, when they are forced to confront their privilege and asked to share it — just a little — is noted. (I confront some of them in comments.) “Girls on Film: Hollywood’s 4 percent problem” [The Week]

• I like this shirt. “Funny Tee: Burdened with Glorious Purpose T-Shirt [Geeks Are Sexy]


• I don’t understand why everyone is so surprised about this. It’s better than using a random tweet from some dude who sees one movie every six months and just tweeted about the “best movie of the year!” (which the studios are already doing). At least they quoted A.O. Scott, a respected critic. “’Inside Llewyn Davis’ Uses Single Tweet in Full Page New York Times Ad” [The Wire]


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