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Jupiter Ascending trailer: the Wachowskis are back

This looks potentially interesting, apart from the presence of Channing Tatum. I hope Mila Kunis gets to do more than get rescued over and over, however.

US/Canada release date: Jul 18 2014 | UK release date: Jul 25 2014
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  • Not a fan of Mila Kunis. I feel that she really isn’t that great of an actress. This trailer doesn’t give me hope that she is any better here. Plus, her name is Jupiter? Ugh.
    Overall, it DOES look interesting, though.

  • RogerBW

    Channing Tatum still looks to me as if he’d been carved out of spam that had been left too long in the sun. They had Sean Bean! Not only does he look like a human being, the man can act, too!

    Apart from that, meh, generic sci-fi actioner. I’ve still got The Fifth Element at home.

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