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cultural vandal | by maryann johanson

futzing with the homepage, debating whether to continue what-to-stream posts

I know change is stressful. But for technical reasons that are not worth going in to, the new layout makes things a little easier on me. And it emphasizes my reviews, which is the bulk of the content here now.

I’m very disappointed to see that hundreds — sometimes more than a thousand — people are visiting the what-to-stream pages each week, and yet I’ve seen no bump in subscriptions. If you would all prefer to comb through the streaming options at Netflix and Amazon and then figure out which movies available at the moment are ones I’ve recommended as worth seeing, I’ll be happy to oblige by quitting doing those posts.

This cheeses me off: I had a guy on Twitter the other day ask me to add something extra to the streaming posts so that they would be more helpful to him. He admitted that he doesn’t support my work financially by taking out a subscription at a minimal price… and yet he had no problem with asking me to make the work he’s not paying for even more useful to him.

I don’t know how to counter this mindset. Clearly, giving people content they find useful and interesting and asking for a small contribution toward ensuring I can continue to do so is not enough.

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