Stephen Colbert to replace David Letterman on Late Show: I haz a sad

You’ve probably heard the news: Come next year, Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report will end, and Stephen Colbert — as himself, not as the blowhard conservative idiot he portrays on the show — will move over to take up the hosting spot on CBS’s Late Show.

Here’s how Colbert handled the news on The Colbert Report:

I gotta tell you, I do not envy whoever they try to put in that chair.

This transition has made the news in the U.K. and Australia, which astonishes me, because I can’t imagine that anyone outside the U.S. (and maybe Canada — maybe) has even heard of either Colbert or Letterman. It’s akin to U.S. CNN covering the news that So-and-so has just been signed by Man U. (Most Americans would have no idea what “Man U.” is even referring to.)

Anyway: I am not terribly happy at this news. I can’t imagine that the world — okay, the U.S. — will not still need Colbert’s in-character demolishing of American political idiocy a mere year from now. But mostly — echoing my BFF bronxbee, who was the first to let me know that the rumors about Colbert replacing Letterman had been confirmed — I’m all: Another middle-aged straight white guy on late-night TV? Kee-rist. The terror at change that characterizes what passes for American entertainment has finally overstayed the welcome it never had.

Change the record, all you straight white middle-aged guys in charge of absolutely everything. You have ceased to be cute.

I’m sure Colbert will be great in his new job. But so would a lot of other people who look like less the current array of late-night hosts, which is crying out for some new voices.

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