I’m highlighting female participation in a film with each new review

Another day, another report on how poorly women are faring in Hollywood. I don’t have any control over who gets hired in the industry or which films get made, but I can keep underscoring how abysmal the position of women in the industry is, and how rarely women’s stories get told. Perhaps this will help those movie lovers who don’t seem to grasp how huge a problem this is to begin to understand.

So, as a follow-on to my 2015 Where Are the Women? project, for 2018 (and perhaps beyond), I’ll be adding quick visual icons to the top of each review that will indicate whether a film has a female director, writer, and/or protagonist. Which will manifest at the top of a review page like this, for example:

female director, male screenwriter, female coprotagonist

Or sadly most often like this:

male director, male screenwriter, male protagonist

See the first few reviews with this new feature:
Molly’s Game
All the Money in the World
The Post

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A complete guide to the icons:

female director
female director(s)

female codirector
female/male codirectors

male director
male director(s)

female writer
female writer(s)

female cowriter
female/male cowriters

male writer
male writer(s)

female protagonist
female protagonist(s) or predominantly female ensemble

female coprotagonist
female/male coprotagonists or mixed ensemble

male protagonist
male protagonist(s) or predominantly male ensemble

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