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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

‘Ready Player One’ reread, Part 1

My reread of Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline — soon to be released as a major motion picture by Steven Spielberg — commenced today on Twitter. (I’ll finish tomorrow.) Here’s how it’s gone down so far.

(UPDATE 03.29.18: Here’s my review of Ready Player One the movie.)

On to Part 2…

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  • If a kid from nowadays felt like the 1960’s gave him life, he would almost certainly be preoccupied with the social stuff and would probably not be focused on the children’s media of the time, not least because the children’s media of the sixties was all terrible. Imagine someone being given life by the social situation of the 1980’s. Like, Ready Player One but Wade is a young republican who jerks off to Oliver North and thinks AIDS is god’s punishment for the gays.

    This kinda stuff does have a narrow focus. I think I first noticed that in Halt and Catch Fire, which is set in the Silicon Prairie in 1983 (first season, anyway) and I realized that it’s Dallas… in the 80’s… and never once is there a reference to the family Ewing. It’s kinda tunnel vision.

  • Dent

    Memes should never be dreams.

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