movies by or about women opening US/Can from Fri Apr 20



female codirector, female coscreenwriter, female protagonist
I Feel Pretty [IMDb]
An insecure woman (Amy Schumer) suffers a head injury that induces the delusion that she is extremely physically attractive. Cowritten and codirected by Abby Kohn.


female director, female screenwriter, female protagonist
Little Pink House [IMDb]
Catherine Keener stars in this based-on-fact social-justice drama, written and directed by Courtney Balaker.

female director, female screenwriter, female protagonist
Imitation Girl [IMDb]
An alien explores Earth and human life by inhabiting the body of a young woman (Lauren Ashley Carter). Written and directed by Natasha Kermani.

female director, female screenwriter, female protagonist
Lou Andreas-Salomé, The Audacity to be Free [IMDb]
Cordula Kablitz-Post writes, with Susanne Hertel, and directs this historical biography of the influential and unconventional 19th-century writer, played, at various ages, by Helena Pieske, Liv Lisa Fries, Katharina Lorenz, and Nicole Heesters.

female director, female screenwriter, female coprotagonist
Lives Well Lived [IMDb]
Sky Bergman directs this documentary about the wisdom and experience that has accumulated with a group of elderly women (and men).

male director, male screenwriter, female protagonist
After Auschwitz [IMDb]
Documentary about six women who survived the concentration camp to go on to create new lives in the United States. (male director)

male director, male screenwriter, female protagonist
This Is Our Land [IMDb] pictured
Émilie Dequenne stars as a woman who gets involved with a far-right political group in contemporary France. (male writers and director)

Please let me know if I’ve missed any movies directed by, written by, or about women.

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