question of the day: What’s your most anticipated comic book movie of 2010?

Recently, the members of the Online Film Critics Society voted on which comic book movie slated for release in 2010 we’re most looking forward to. We chose from this list, which includes, as far as I can determine, all the comic book movies currently on the schedule:

Dead of Night
The Green Hornet
Iron Man 2
Jax of Heart
Jonah Hex
The Losers
Scott Pilgrim vs The World

(Links go to the IMDB, in case you need more info on the films.)
Iron Man 2 came out on top with the OFCSers, and it’s the one I voted for, too. (I love the trailer, plus I feel a little obligation to my current boyfriend, Robert Downey Jr.) Though I confess to being deeply intrigued by the prospect of Jonah Hex — it’s a zombie flick set in the Wild West, and it’s written by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor (hopefully more like their Crank movies, and less like Gamer). I’m curious to see what Michel Gondry and Seth Rogen do with The Green Hornet, too, and anything new from Edgar Wright — who gave us Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz — is cause for celebration, so I have to be psyched for Scott Pilgrim. (I wrote a bit more about 2010’s comic book flicks over at Film.com.)

What’s your most anticipated comic book movie of 2010?

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