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‘Sarah Connor Chronicles’ blogging: “Queen’s Gambit”

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Poor Andy! He rebuilt his chess computer, the Turk, was all excited about maybe winning that chess tournament (First prize: a military contract! Robot apocalypse, here we come!), and then he lost. Aww. And then he gets shot and the Turk gets AI-napped. Maybe if Sarah had killed him when she had the chance, as Cameron suggested, the poor guy wouldn’t have gotten his hopes up like that, only to get them trashed again.
Poor Charlie’s new wife! When Cromartie, pretending to be an FBI agent, visits Sarah’s ex to ask if Charlie is hiding her in their house (oh, those Terminators and their lack of the social niceties: hilarious!), his new wife is pretty unhappy about learning that he’s been in touch with John. Ouch.

Poor Derek Reese! He’s back from the future — he’s gotta be enjoying all the non-armageddon-ness of it, don’tcha think? — and he gets to meet the mother of the savior of the human race! And she’s prettier than her picture, when she looked like Linda Hamilton. (Oo, snap to Linda Hamilton!) And Derek doesn’t even know that the savior of the human race is his nephew! Sad. But imagine the discomfort if Derek makes it back to the future, and all the Christmas and birthday presents he’s gonna owe John.

Poor John! He’s gone from playing chess with guerrillas in the South American jungle when he was eight years old to studying for math tests now. I mean, come on, surely the future salvation of all humanity could be doing something a bit more prepatory for the upcoming robot holocaust than math?

But I kid Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles — I looking forward to seeing what gruesome ends come to poor Charlie and poor Derek.

(Need a more complete episode recap? Check out Fox’s official site for the show.)

Random thoughts on “Queen’s Gambit”:

• Cameron performing brain surgery on the Terminator? Yucky and cool!

• Great quotes:

“I call shotgun!”–John
“I call nine millimeter!”–Cameron

“It’s hard to concentrate on geometry when people keep dying around you.”–John

“I won’t be the bastard who brings metal down on the Connors.”–Derek Reese

Lesson for the week: Even the future savior of the human race has to brownbag it sometimes.

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