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‘Sarah Connor Chronicles’ blogging: “Automatic for the People”

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I find myself moved to snark on the robots from the future and the impending doom of the human race. Hey, it’s the way I roll. Feel free to discuss more in-depth in comments, should you be moved to do so.

[spoilers after the jump!]
Hey, it’s another guy from the future. Must be fun to be cannon fodder in the war with the machines: you get to go back to the more pleasant past and eat ice cream and look at girls in bikinis and stuff. Oh, unless you get killed along the way. Sorry about that, dude. But at least you’re dying in the nice past, instead of in the apocalyptic future.

That guy from the future, though… He lands in an alleyway that contains a dry-cleaners with a 212 phone number on its awning. That’s a New York area code, except NYC does NOT, for the umpteenth time, have alleys, and Sarah and Co. are supposed to be in Los Angeles anyway. What gives? Are we in the Matrix or something? I bet we’re in the Matrix.

For whoever it was last week who asked about Cameron’s ability to heal: Cameron says here her cuts are healing quicker than John’s.

John has a new girlfriend at school. Anyone wanna place bets on whether she survives the next few episodes?

There’s a whole bunch of Good Lessons to Remember from this week’s episode: Anti-radiation showers are no fun. Don’t play pool with a Terminator, no matter how cute she is — you’ll lose, and she’ll steal your identity to boot. But this is my favorite:

Lesson for the week: Nuclear reactors + Evil machines from the future ≠ Fun

(Need a complete episode recap? Check out Fox’s official site for the show.)

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MPAA: rated TV14-LV

viewed at home on a small screen

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  • JoshDM

    Best present this episode: Cameo by and starter episode credits for a very pregnant Busy Phillips, who either really is pregnant, or gained a lot of weight for the role, or they have better “heavy” special effects on this show than they do for .

  • JoshDM

    Madmen. That should read “they do for MAD MEN”.

    Encapsulated it in italics, but they got the word excised instead.

  • Yeah, she really is pregnant, according to her IMDb page.

    Since when do T-800 series Terminators come in models that match existing humans? When I saw that Greenway had been replaced, my first thought was that it was the Shirley Manson T-1000 model impersonating him. The only reason that the Cromartie Terminator was able to impersonate that other guy (Garret Dillahunt) is that he got the plastic surgeon to make some skin, etc. for him.

  • I thought the same thing (that it was the T-1000). A friend of mine told me that I shouldn’t nitpick TOO much, otherwise the whole show will fall apart. ;)

    Was anyone else amused that the guy in the power plant who gets Sarah scrubbed down was played by the same actor who gets the T-X’s hand through his chest while driving in T3? …Assuming my memory’s working properly.

  • That’s not the same actor. Dean Norris, who’s been a character actor forever and appeared in lots of stuff, was not in Terminator 3.

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