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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

does this look like the A-Team to you?

It does to me.

I dunno why I’m so obsessed with this A-Team movie, except that, damn, did I love that goofy show. I know I’m likely to be wildly disappointed by the movie, but there we are.

And now that we’re getting our first look — clearly an unofficial one — at the cast, I’m even more excited. Sorry, I can’t help it.

The photos are via What Would Tyler Durden Do?, which has a ton more. Obviously, these are taken with a long lens by someone snooping near the British Columbia set, but I’ll take whatever I can get.

As we’ve known for a while now, the cast includes Liam Neeson as Hannibal and Bradley Cooper as Faceman. And obviously it’s now confirmed that District 9’s Sharlto Copley is Murdock (I hope he can do the accent!) and Quinton Rampage Jackson — who WWTDD says “is basically the most likable person on earth” — is B.A. Baracus.

You like?

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  • i loved that ridiculous show too — count me as officially psyched at a level 7.5 right now. subject to going up to 11, or down to zero, depending on future reports.

  • Stefanie

    That A-Team fever is contagious. I loved the show then and still reference it now (mostly in regard to my husband’s B.A. Baracus-level fear of flying).

  • Donna

    I think Copley should be able to handle the accent. Check this out:


    (this is probably why he got the job!)

  • Hank Graham

    Well, as someone who had no contact with it at all but thought it looked pretty goofy from the outside, as it were (my folks didn’t have a tv), it’s got me interested due to Sharlto Copley.

    What sort of character was Murdoch?

  • Joe

    It looks like it’s really trying to stay close to the source material, judging by the clothing of at least Murdoch and Hannibal.

  • JoshDM

    WWTDD is one of the best sites ever.

  • MaryAnn

    I think Copley should be able to handle the accent. Check this out:

    That video is awesome. I’m *so* posting that next week. Thanks for pointing it out, Donna.

    And yeah, it seems like Copley can do the accent!

    What sort of character was Murdoch?

    Murdoch was the team’s helicopter pilot, and he was crazy from some major PTSD, hence his nickname: “Howlin’ Mad.” Dwight Schultz — who is a terribly underrated actor — made him poignant, though, too, and I can totally see Copley handling that, as well.

  • Brian

    My interest level in this just spiked. I’m imagining Liam Neeson pronouncing “I love it when a plan comes together” in his inimitable leonine growl, and smiling.

    I’m with you on Dwight Schultz, too — I was always a fan of Lt. Barclay on ST:TNG.

  • Dr Rocketscience

    I’m sorry, but the George Peppard hair on Liam Neeson is just creeping me out. I blame Topless Robot for that.

  • They didn’t add a female ninja to the cast??? Sigh. They’re not taking my script suggestions seriously. :(

  • Aw, I think they should have changed it to “Face-Woman”. Having been present for a blisteringly misogynistic rant from Dirk Benedict about how casting Katee Sackhoff as Starbuck “CASTRATED!!1eleventy!!” the character, it would be fun to see his head explode from a second such emasculation.

  • fett101

    B.A. does not have enough gold chains.

  • NorthernStar

    I’m really looking forward to this movie and the still’s don’t disappoint. I know it’ll take a miracle for the movie to be good but it looks like they haven’t gone for stunt celeb casting and have cast to type, so at least they’re attempting to treat the show with respect.

    As fett101 says, where is BA’s gold? The man was Bling long before the phrase was coined.

    Thanks, Donna, for the link to Copley’s work. I have no knowledge of his work and since he’s playing Murdock, a character I’ve loved since I was 9, he’s the one who’ll have to work hardest to impress.

  • MaryAnn

    As fett101 says, where is BA’s gold? The man was Bling long before the phrase was coined.

    Maybe that’s why they’ve gone bling-less for BA: now that it’s a cliche, it wouldn’t have the same impact that it had then.

    Or maybe the sneaky photog just happened to come upon a moment of temporary blinglessness.

  • Lea

    Maybe that is the plan?
    B.A. is bling-less because his bling has been stolen and the team have got to find the bling and rescue the bling and bring back that blinging feeling…ahem, I’ll stop now.

  • Ken

    The team looks good. I’m not so keen on the inclusion of Jessica Biel in the cast.

  • Hdj

    I predict that Jessica Biel plays the girl that hires the A team because some goons are secretly dealing drugs in her uncles car repair shop. Which the A team then uses to make some sorta make-shift tank

  • Ken

    Rumor has it that she’ll portray a general—Jessica Biel, a farking general!—pursuing the team.

  • Hdj

    shes gunna be the 5th A-Team member? Ominous sexual orientation gender conflict between her and Face , more then probable. Her in the mix does not suit me ether

  • Paul

    Maybe Dirk didn’t like having Starbuck played by a woman because it showed that Starbuck could be a woman without changing anything about the character, so he felt castrated. I mean, the old Starbuck was pretty much a goof; comic relief for the hero.

  • Paul

    Sorry, I forgot to be on topic. They look like the A-Team except the guy playing Face. Face looked like the kind of guy you’d trust. The guy in that photo looks like the kind of guy parents fear their daughters will bring home.

  • Hdj

    Face was totally that guy, I dunno how he seemed trust full in the first place, Then Murdock well he was just the guy you didn’t wont near your family

  • Hank Graham

    Nerdycellist: I think we should save people’s heads exploding for serious things, like Glenn Beck’s over Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize.

    Though I’ll admit, Dirk Benedict’s graceless comments about Katee Sackhoff are the sort to make you not regret should his head, in fact, explode.

  • MaSch

    Until I see a photo of Liam Neeson roguishly smiling with a cigar between his lips (horrible thought: Will Hannibal be a non-smoker in this version??) I’m lukewarm about this.

  • Pedro

    Everything seems OK, except for one thing: as everyone with a functioning brain knows, B.A. Baracus HAS TO BE PLAYED by Mr. T. This guy? A wannabe. I pity da fool!

    When it comes to Mr. T, accept no substitutes, fool!

  • Hank –

    The Katee Sackhoff comments were just the cherry on top of a lady-hatin’ crap sundae. TMI about the mother of his child who kept the pregnancy secret and had the temerity to raise him without needing any child support money, ranting about how the A-team started going downhill because they had to get Politically Correct and include women with *gasp* guns, even though everyone knows that women aren’t good at shooting and killing. Then more info on how his current girlfriend knew her place. I think there was also mention of being on a strict macrobiotic diet (hint: he likes refined sugar slightly less than women), except for bourbon. So that may have damaged his faculties.

    As for BSG, unless Starbuck was flying his Viper with his penis, there was no reason that a lady couldn’t do the job.

  • stryker1121

    The bling was more Mr. T’s schtick rather than B.A.’s, no? This is probably going to be lousy, but hopefully it’s lousy in a fun way–at the very least i want to see a montage of the fellas modifying a dumptruck into an all-terrain henchman smashing vehicle.

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