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trailer break: ‘Tangled’

Take a break from work: watch a trailer…

We learned back in March that Disney was suddenly terrified of princess movies, and so was changing the title of its Rapunzel movie from, you know, Rapunzel to Tangled. And now we see how far the Mouse is going to de-girl the movie with this trailer.

In case you didn’t get the telegram from the visuals that the main character is like totally a dude, the text reminds us that He’s this and He’s that. He’s unconditionally, completely, and in all other respects 100 percent a guy. Yes, there may be a girl with girly hair in the movie, but she’s only there to make his adventures more interesting: the story’s not actually about her or anything. She won’t even talk much; she might just giggle once in a while.

So all the little boys can rest assured that girl cooties will be kept to an absolute minimum.

Astonishingly, Grady Smith (whom I’m assuming is male) at EW’s PopWatch watched this trailer and appears to think it’s not Flynn Rider-centered enough to draw in boy audiences.

(In other news, has Disney changed its policy on embedding trailers? As recently as six weeks ago, the trailer for Prince of Persia was not embeddable from Disney U.S., though Disney U.K. was happy for people to grab their trailers. But this embeddable trailer appears on a page that appears to be an official Disney channel. Welcome to the 21st century, Walt.)

Tangled opens in the U.S. and Canada on November 24, and in the U.K. on January 28, 2011.

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  • nina

    Wow, they’ve really shifted the focus from Rapunzel to the guy, haven’t they?

  • Nate

    You know what the really sad part is? They’re keeping the original title for all other markets. I’m really sick of Americans’ intelligence being insulted.

  • Sarah

    Well, the Rapunzel story is boring as hell.

  • Brian

    Wow. Another piece of entertainment for kids that substitutes “attitude” for character. Color me bored.

  • @brian, look on the bright side. The character with “attitude” is the one getting the frying pan upside the head every two seconds like he so richly deserves.

    My problem with the movie? When the hell did Rapunzel get a pet iguana?! MY CHILDHOOD IS RUINED!!!

  • bats :[

    Sarah: the unexpurgated Rapunzel story is pretty amazing. While the witch dispatches Zel’s suitor by defenestration into the thorn bushes surrounding the tower (blinding him in the process), she’s just a little too late and eventually discovers that Zel is pregnant with twins. Eventually Zel and the babies escape and wander the world. They are reunited with the prince, who, being blind and disoriented, has pretty much turned into a beggar. I can’t recall off the top of my head if her tears cure his blindness or not, but in the original of these stories, a miraculous happy ending like that only garners even odds…

  • amanohyo

    The version I was told was identical to yours bats, and her tears did cure his blindness at the end. Also, I think someone involved in the production of this trailer may have watched a certain Android 18 amv (a heroine of my childhood and pioneer for kickass women in shonen manga). Or, the choice of the same extremely repetitive song could just be a coincidence…

    If Rapunzel ends up kicking as much ass (if strands of hair can be said to kick anything) as Android 18, I’ll be somewhat satisified even if she also ends up marrying the dude with the nose issues in the end for no good reason. If they turn her into yet another giggling blonde lovable fuck-up with no meaningful agency, and the entire movie is from the guy’s perspective as this trailer suggests, I’ll be pissed off (but sadly not surprised).

    Even if it isn’t all from the guy’s perspective and this is a bait and switch job by the marketing department, it’s still going to piss me off that they weren’t honest enough to place the trailer’s audience into the female character’s perspective. This movie is probably going to piss me off is what I’m trying to say.

  • bracyman

    The iguana ruins your childhood? I had an iguana when I was a child. She whipped my brothers with her tail and we solved crimes together. Best childhood ever!

  • amanohyo

    Since when do iguanas have rolly tails and super long sticky flicky tongues? That’s a chameleon you philistines! Next you’ll be telling me that the Cheshire Cat is a jaguarundi. =)

  • Brian

    @amanohyo: *high five* Yes! Know your reptiles . . .

  • amanohyo

    To be fair, the head and eyes are a little iguana-ish. And bracyman, I meant no disrespect to you or your childhood. Let’s all take a field trip to Reptile Gardens!

  • MaSch

    He’s a little child. She’s an iguana. They fight crime.

    Hmm, there’s definitely a TV show in that concept, very definitely …

  • CWM

    Mostly this trailer just made me want to watch Road to El Dorado again, because Tulio is forty-two-thousand-and-nine-times better than the Thief.

  • Accounting Ninja

    Rapunzel! Now 89% Rapunzel-free! Coming to theaters near you.

    @ amanohyo. I heart Android 18! She and the other Androids were the most original thing to ever come out of Drag-On Ball Z.

  • Tonio Kruger

    I am very glad to see I’m not the only zoology geek who posts on this site.

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