James Franco takes on ‘Three’s Company’; making the pilgrimage to Middle Earth; ‘The King’s Speech,’ awards bait; more: leftover links

Every week my browser gets cluttered up with tabs for stuff that I stumble across and figure I might be able to use as a Question of the Day or a WTF Thought for the Day or grist for some other post. And inevitably, I end the week with most of that material unused. But there’s no reason to let this stuff go to waste: I can still share it with you, for your amusement, and start the new week with a clean slate.

Herewith this week’s leftover links, in no particular order:
Pilgrimage to Middle Earth

You Are What You Watch, Market Data Suggest

The King’s Speech leads nominations for British Independent Film Awards

‘Winter’s Bone’ star Lawrence leaps to ‘X-Men’

TheTimes.co.uk Readership Goes From 20 Million a Month to 105,000 After Pay Wall

Cable subscribers flee, but is Internet to blame?

Costly ‘Spider-Man’ Can’t Get Off the Ground

and a leftover photo I took this week on West 42nd Street:

Kate Nash: ‘Real sexiness is about art, mystery and intelligence’

Will This Year’s Best Actress Oscar Be a Celebrity Death Match? (Yes.)

Tom Sutcliffe: Is sentimentality an artistic crime?

“Secretariat” Isn’t Hollywood’s Only Secretly Conservative Blockbuster

The mystery of Stephen Fry and the vanishing Harry Potter tweets

Stephen Fry uses Twitter to voice fury over newspaper article

Stephen Fry returns to Twitter after row over claim that women don’t like sex

Researchers Find Key to the Hipster Worldview: Denying Hipsterdom While Consuming “Indie” Products

James Franco Set to Put the Drama Back into Three’s Company

Kevin Smith is Trashing Movie Critics Again

“For Colored Girls”: Tyler Perry’s misunderstood genius

Are social network users replacing the traditional critic?

Ron Howard Says ‘Dilemma’ ‘Gay’ Joke Will Remain In Film

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