church of awesome: ‘EW’ and Cake Wrecks worship ‘The Princess Bride’

Nobody doesn’t love The Princess Bride, especially when the mutton is nice and lean and the tomatoes are so perky. Entertainment Weekly celebrates the flick with a cast reunion photo:
Entertainment Weekly Princess Bride reunion

(click here for the entire image in full size)

and a big juicy article, which is, alas, available only in print. It starts off like this:

Billy Crystal still has the pointed cap wore as the cantankerous white-haired wizard Miracle Max (he even brought it to EW’s photo shoot). Christopher Guest has the six-fingered glove he wore as the villainous Count Rugen, as well as the sword he wielded in his final duel with Mandy Patinkin’s swashbuckling Spaniard Inigo Montoya.

The cast, they’re Princess Bride geeks, too!

See also the hilarious exaltation of “Wreckage of Unusal Size” at Cake Wrecks, which features, among many others, this horror:

dead dad cake from Cake Wrecks


This is probably a good time to mention my book, The Totally Geeky Guide to The Princess Bride, a deconstruction of the film, available in print via Amazon [U.S.] [Canada] [U.K.] and in multiple ebook formats via Smashwords. (Subscribers get a free ebook.)

Thanks to Dan, Hank, Josh, and Newbs for the EW link, and Stefanie for the Cake Wrecks link.

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