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The Exorcist (retro trailer)

Does this seem so terrifying that it could not be seen by human eyes?

Exorcist trailer

Apparently such was the case with this trailer; according to the YouTube poster, this is:

The original (rare) 1973 theatrical trailer that film executives banned due to the concern that the content within was too disturbing for audiences.


Anyway, I thought of this film today because I’m missing out on all the wonderful awfulness that is The Devil Inside (trailer here), which won’t open here in the U.K. till March. The mockumentary horror flick about exorcism did not screen for critics in North America; the few critics who ventured out to see it this weekend have rated it 7 percent Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. The movie is having an unexpectedly huge opening weekend: it could earn $30 million; it was expected to do maybe $8 to $10 million. And yet has earned an almost unprecedented CinemaScore grade of F.

Now I can’t wait to find out how very very terrible it must be.

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