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why Johnny Depp’s Tonto is not a Native American Jack Sparrow (and other adventures in social networking)

What my followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ saw today:
• Is “local” viable in the Net age? “Linda Taylor, 70, thinks that cable and the Internet have led to a decline in the quality of local television shows she watches from the kitchen television of her Herndon home. She’s disappointed by what she says is too much repetition and not enough original reporting. She can’t rely on her Washington area stations for national and international news, Taylor said.” As users flock to iTunes, Hulu and Netflix, TV stations struggle to survive

• Oops. Michael Moore Finding It Harder To Get People To Talk to Him

• Why Johnny Depp’s Tonto is not a Native American Jack Sparrow… Johnny Depp Talks the Inspiration Behind His Tonto in ‘Lone Ranger’

• The Telegraph illustrates a story about the Chicago L with a photo of the MTA’s No 7 train in New York City. LOL. Man killed while urinating on Chicago subway

• It’s a good thing we have men like AA Gill around, to remind women that absolutely nothing about our lives, our work, or our impact on the world is as important as whether we are pleasing to his eye. Too ugly for TV? No, I’m too brainy for men who fear clever women

• It’s the same old story. Not the novel, but the reactions to it: “[W]hen fantasies cater to readers who are not straight white men, they’re treated differently. Imagine a thousand concern-trolling pieces about James Bond and spy novels: ‘Do men just want to be spies and seduce women because of the recession?'” Porn Lit: Why the S&M “50 Shades of Gray” Is Freaking Everyone Out

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