Sherlock Holmes meets steampunk Iron Man (and other adventures in social networking)

What my followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ saw today:
• Worst part of the Jonah Lehrer fiasco: Everyone keeps using the term “fabulist,” which sounds so awesome, like a fey cotton-candy-colored Johnny Depp character in Tim Burton’s latest two-hour exercise in production design. “Oh, he’s a fabulist! Isn’t that fabulous?!” No, he’s a fucking liar, and it’s not fabulous at all.

• Best part of the Jonah Lehrer fiasco: Jayson Blair gets some free publicity. Which means we can look forward to Lehrer turning commentator on journalistic ethics in the near future. So it’s win-win for everyone. Except people who value honesty and integrity. But who cares about that garbage when there’s money to be made? Jayson Blair: Jonah Lehrer’s story reminds me of my own

• So remember that “journalist” whose dubious ethics allegedly weren’t so bad because he “only” copied from himself? He made shit up, too. Easily verifiable shit. Jonah Lehrer Resigns From The New Yorker After Making Up Dylan Quotes for His Book

• Sounds like one of Ian Fletcher’s solutions. Fans asked to tweet from Olympics only if it’s ‘urgent’

• Love this! Sherlock Holmes meets Steampunk Ironman by daaakota (Deviant Art)

Sherlock Holmes steampunk Iron Man

• So now we know: Don’t criticize Twitter’s corporate partners, or Twitter will give you the boot. The Corporate Games win again! Twitter suspends British journalist critical of NBC’s Olympics coverage

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