I found the worst thing about Twilight (and other adventures in social networking)

What my followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ saw today:
• Perhaps the worst thing about Twilight is how it has led so many men to the conclusion that it represents what all women want. Cuz, you know, it doesn’t. Twilight and What Women Want

• I’m not sure this is quite true. But it is an awesome photo. Japan: It’s the only place where you can see awesome sh*t like this

Japan It’s the only place where you can see awesome sh*t like this

• You need to watch Lana Wachowski talking about her life and her art and how the two intersect. She’s awesome. She’s powerful. She’s funny. But I am bothered by one thing, which isn’t about Wachowski (whose movies I haven’t always loved but whom I respect immensely, all the more so now for her honesty and courage) but about how Hollywood treats women: If the Wachowskis get an Oscar nom for Best Director for *Cloud Atlas,* the media has sure as hell better note that Lana Wachowski would probably not have had the career she has had, which enabled her to get to the position she’s in now, if she’d been identifying as a woman since birth. Changing genders is not a way for a woman to break into Hollywood. (Not that I think that was *anything* to do with Wachowski’s transition. I’m just anticipating the diminishing of her life and of how women struggle in the industry.) Lana Wachowski Reveals Suicide Plan, Painful Past in Emotional Speech (Exclusive Video)

• This does not give me hope. Also: I worry about whom they’ll cast in the lead… ‘MacGyver’ Movie to Be Directed by ‘Saw’ Helmer James Wan

• Could be a nice holiday prezzie for someone you know… or for yourself. From Neverland to Wonderland: A Map of Children’s Literature in Britain

• From Robert De Niro: In Conversation with A.O. Scott, New York Times film critic:

A.S.: What is your relationship to critics? Or to your own reviews?

R.D.: What I say is, if you didn’t have critics — even though they can annoy you and upset you — if you didn’t have a critic, who would tell you how it is? Because people won’t tell you. When you do a movie and you’re showing it to people or audiences or friends, they’re never going to say that they dislike it. Because they’re with you and they know what you went through. So they’ll always find a positive thing to say. So the people who you’ll get real feedback from are critics. Especially good critics.

(hat-tips for today’s links: Neima, Shirley, LaSargenta)

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