evening clickbait: Batkid gets his own theme music; Rex Reed hates the nonexistent 3D Hunger Games; the most social-media savvy country; men in ridiculous “sexy” poses

• Can the Batkid story get any more heartwarming? Why, yes — yes, it can. “Batkid Gets His Own Theme Music Thanks To Batman Composer Hans Zimmer” [PopWrapped]

• Rex Reed rails against the 3D Hunger Games, and opts to see Catching Fire in 2D. Minor point: Neither film has been offered in 3D.

This man is paid — we can presume paid very well — to write about movies. Maybe it’s time he stepped aside and made room for someone who is capable of being factual about movies when it’s the facts that are being discussed.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, of course. But no one is entitled to their own facts.

“Up In Smoke: Catching Fire, Second Installment in Hunger Games Trilogy, Is a Tired Rehash” [New York Observer]

• I’m gonna go ahead and presume that my moving here had something to do with this. “UK Is The Most Social Media-Savvy Country In The World [INFOGRAPHIC]” [AllTwitter]

• Why do some people only seem to realize how ridiculous these poses — and the attitude behind them — are when it’s men doing the posing? “Photo Shoot: Men Posing Like Motorcycle Models” [Doublemesh]


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