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maryann johanson | self-isolating

evening clickbait: *cough* Homefront *cough*; good news for women filmmakers; a six-year-old boy is wise about Frozen

• I’m embargoed on my FlickFilosopher review of Homefront till Mon, but there no embargo in US (cuz it opened yesterday) “Meth Labs Explode” [Pacific Northwest Inlander]

• Some good news! “Breakthrough for women screenwriters in 2010-2012” [BFI]

• This is important and wise. “Boys and girls should both be heroes. They’re both nice, and they’re the same things, except that they’re called different things. They’re all humans, and they all live together.” “A Conversation With a Six Year Old Boy About ‘Frozen,’ Princess Movies, and Female Heroes” [Pajiba]

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