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Hours trailer: Paul Walker’s last film

I had already scheduled this trailer to post this week. Didn’t expect it would actually be newsworthy.

Apparently ensuring that resources and assistance can get to those impacted by natural disasters was a pet cause of Walker’s (Us Weekly), so this film may have been more than just another job for him.

Goddammit. I was not a fan of the guy, but this sucks.

US/Canada release date: Dec 13 2013 (VOD same day)
official site | IMDb
  • Leon

    I am just watching ‘Hours’ and am devastated by his death. Not taken by his acting at first but he gradually turned me around enough to say that I was a fan. R.I.P

  • RogerBW

    This is a question I always ask about disaster films: isn’t the human story terrible enough without adding soap-opera? His Wife Is Dead, His Child Is In Danger: clearly he’s a Hero!

    (Separately, was Katrina not terrible enough until pretty white people were threatened?)

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