Doomsdays review (LOCO London Comedy Film Festival)

Doomsdays yellow light Justin Rice Leo Fitzpatrick

I see the harbingers of doom in this “pre-apocalyptic comedy,” but there’s nothing actually funny about it.
I’m “biast” (pro): nothing

I’m “biast” (con): nothing

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The world, Dirty Fred (Justin Rice: Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist) and Bruho (Leo Fitzpatrick: Cold Comes the Night) agree, is doomed. So as a blow to the consumerism that is killing the planet and humanity, they have given up on civilization. They don’t work, and they don’t own stuff. They still need food and shelter, of course, but that’s a problem easily solved: they break into people’s vacation homes in New York’s rural Catskill Mountains and hang out there, eating and drinking until they get bored or get caught. They enjoy urinating in people’s beds for fun, and Bruho has a special hobby of destroying automobiles, because peak oil. I appreciate how first-time writer-director Eddie Mullins found a new kind of story to tell on a superlow indie budget — the film looks fantastic, from the grunge-slick cinematography to the sullen, bratty performances — but I don’t actually care about any of it. Fred and Bruho are unlikable, which is fine, but it’s pretty unforgivable that they’re simply not very interesting. And when their tight little duo is invaded by bored teen Jaidon (Brian Charles Johnson) and bored adult Reyna (Laura Campbell), the challenge this presents to their friendship affects me not at all. Perhaps if there were some satire to be found in the misadventures of two adult men who find random vandalism “liberating,” or a hint of irony… I suspect, however, that Mullins thinks merely presenting such pointless antisocial behavior is somehow a statement in itself. I see the harbingers of doom in this “pre-apocalyptic comedy,” but there’s nothing actually funny about it.

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