what’s on Captain America’s catch-up list… and what *should* be on it?

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is now open almost everywhere around the planet — the last big region that hasn’t seen it is Japan, where the film opens on April 19th — and two things are becoming plain. One, the movie is huge: it looks to have earned around $96 million in North America this weekend, which makes it the biggest April opener ever; in the U.K., the film earned just over £6 million over its first weekend (which was last weekend), the second biggest opening of 2014 and more than twice what Captain America: The First Avenger debuted with in 2011.

And two: Steve Roger’s cultural disconnect is a little bit different depending on which country you see the film in.

One of the most charming things about Chris Evans’ man out of time, as I noted in my review, is the little list he’s keeping of the most important things he needs to catch up on… or, at least, the things that other people are telling him are important to catch up on. This week word was emerging from fans around the world that the list is slightly different in different countries. Here’s the U.S. list:


And here’s the British list:


(Both via ScreenCrush.)

I Love Lucy is replaced by Sherlock! (Frankly, he needs to see both.)

Via SlashFilm, we get hints of other international changes:

Our commenters have told us that Aussies have AC/DC, Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, and Steve Irwin added to the list, while Koreans get Ji Sung Park, Oldboy, Dance Dance Revolution, and Oldboy. French fans see the 1998 World Cup and The Fifth Element, among other things.

Some of these are a tad odd. Who is telling Steve he should care about the World Cup or Ji Sung Park (he’s a South Korean footballer, apparently)? I mean, he’s around Americans all the time, and Americans care so little about the sport the rest of the planet calls football that we don’t even call it football. Maybe there are some international employees at S.H.I.E.L.D. we haven’t seen…

Anyway, if you could add one thing to Steve’s list that he absolutely must catch up with in order to be considered a with-it 2010s kind of guy, what would it be?

Mine? Doctor Who, of course.

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