movies by or about women opening UK/Ire Mar 14-15

What Men Want Taraji P Henson


male director, female coscreenwriter, female protagonist
What Men Want [pictured]
Tina Gordon and Jas Waters cowrite this fantasy comedy about a woman (Taraji P. Henson) who acquires the power to hear men’s thoughts. (male director)
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male director, female coscreenwriter, male protagonist
Fisherman’s Friends
Meg Leonard cowrites this based-on-fact dramedy about Cornish (male) fisherman who achieve pop-music stardom. (male director)
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female director, female screenwriter, female protagonist
The Fight
Jessica Hynes writes, directs, and stars in this drama about a beleaguered wife and mother who takes to the boxing ring to beat back her anxiety.
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female codirector, female coscreenwriter, female coprotagonist
Children of the Snow Land
Zara Balfour codirects this documentary about a mixed-gender group of teens who make a dangerous trek from their school in Kathmandu back home to their remote Himalayan villages.
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male director, male screenwriter, female protagonist
Drama about a transgender teen girl (played by a cis male teen boy) who dreams of being a ballerina. (male writers and director)
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male director, male screenwriter, female protagonist
The Prodigy
Taylor Schilling stars in this horror thriller as a mother who worries that her small son is being influenced by supernatural forces. (male writer and director)
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male director, male screenwriter, female coprotagonist
Ben Is Back
Julia Roberts costars in this drama about a mother coping with a drug-addicted teenage son. (male writer-director)
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