movies by or about women opening US/Can Jan 29–31

The Rhythm Section Blake Lively


female director, male screenwriter, female protagonist
The Rhythm Section [pictured]
Reed Morano directs this suspense thriller about a woman (Blake Lively) who dedicates herself to enacting revenge upon those who murdered her family. (male writer)
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male director, male screenwriter, female coprotagonist
Gretel & Hansel
Sophia Lillis costars in this new take on the Brothers Grimm fairy tale. Also costarring Alice Krige. (male writer and director)
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female director, female screenwriter, female protagonist
The Assistant
Kitty Green writes and directs this suspense drama about a young woman (Julia Garner) who works for a Harvey Weinstein–esque Hollywood executive.
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male director, female coscreenwriter, male protagonist
The Traitor
Valia Santella and Ludovica Rampoldi cowrite this Italian drama about the first mafia informant (a man) in 1980s Sicily. (male director)
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male director, male screenwriter, female protagonist
Viktoria Miroshnichenko and Vasilisa Perelygina star in this historical Russian drama about two women trying to survive in post-WWII Leningrad. (male writers and director)
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