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‘Pushing Daisies’ blogging: “Dim Sum, Lose Some”

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Do you smell pork buns? I smell pork buns. Mmmmm, pork buns…

[spoilers after the jump!]
I want dim sum. If I can’t live at the Pie Hole — and I would so live at the Pie Hole if I could — I could live at the dim sum restaurant under Emerson’s office. That would be okay, wouldn’t it? I’d be quiet and wouldn’t eat too much. Although maybe I might eat more than my fair share of those pork buns. I swear I could smell them through the TV.

What was that Simone just said about the dead Chinese pork bun chef? “His steamed buns blur the line between eating and sex.” Oh my. What was that the narrator just said about Emerson? “It was the first time the private investigator had ever been ordered to…”


And this show is on at 8pm? Oh my. I can’t remember the last time I actually slapped my hand over my mouth, like a cartoon character or something, in surprised and naughtified delight at something, but I did that more than once during this episode.

It’s funny, I was thinking during the opening moments of this episode, when Ned is describing how the mysterious customer who turned out to be Dwight said that thing about his dad that creeped Ned out, how Lee Pace’s eyebrows deserve their own acting credit. (And maybe his shoulders, too.) And then along comes everyone else to comment on his eyebrows, too, what with adorable twin half brothers (making up one whole brother) and their eyebrows showing up too. Weird.

Who is Dwight? Dwight couldn’t be… Ned’s father, could he? I mean, surely Ned remembers what that dreadful (or maybe not so dreadful) man looks like, even if he’s make an avocation out of not thinking about his father (to the point of not-thinking about him all the time). Right? Or maybe Ned’s father really is dreadul, and did something dreadful to Dwight, too. Or maybe Ned’s father was afraid Ned was going to do something dreadful to him (Ned’s father) all those years ago, and so Ned’s father ran (which wouldn’t have been a very nice thing to do, since it would have seemingly left his sons — all three of them — in the line of fire).

Maybe we’ll find out next week.

Favorite line of the episode: “It’s my clue pad for writing down clues.”

(Watch full episodes at ABC’s official site for the show.)

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