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trailer break: ‘Alice in Wonderland’

Take a break from work: watch a trailer…

So, I’ve generally been unable to post trailers for Disney movies because they always have embedding disabled (I’ve written before about the mysteriousness of studios refusing to let Web site owners give them free advertising.) Which is why I hadn’t posted a trailer yet for Alice in Wonderland.

But just for fun, I figured I’d search YouTube once again to see if Disney had changed its policy on trailers. And guess what? The “Disney so totally Does Not Get the Internet” mystery deepens! As has been usual, the official North American trailer posted to the official Disney YouTube channel for U.S. distribution has had embedding disabled. But flip on over to the official U.K. Disney channel for U.K. distribution, and — unbelievably! — embedding of trailers for Disney movies has not been disabled.

Good thing no one gets the Internet outside the U.K.


I love the queens’ armies, and Alice in armor. Very cool! And very cool to have a female protagonist. Do you think this fact — oh noes! the story is about a girl! — will put off all those fanboys… you know, the ones who aren’t supposed to want to consume a story about a girl (even though girls are, we’re told, happy to consume stories about boys… like we have any other option most of the time if we want to see a kickass movie)? I’m guessing not.

This looks like stuff Tim Burton burrowed from his own Sleepy Hollow:

Including the manic Johnny Depp. Tee-hee!

Alice in Wonderland opens in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. on March 5.

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