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trailer break: ‘The Bounty Hunter’

Take a break from work: watch a trailer…

Okay, here’s an idea. We’ll make the guy a bounty hunter. He’s just doing his job, see? So when the hairy-legged feminazis start bitching about how we’re making a joke about a man imprisoning a woman in the trunk of a car, we can just say, “Hey, look, she’s a dangerous fugitive, and he’s a man protecting the public! It’s not sexism: it’s justice!”

And when the oversensitive lesbos start complaining about how we’re depicting women as phony manipulators who fake tears in an attempt to twist men around their little fingers, and men respond by wanting to kill them, we can say, “Hey, bitches, it’s just a joke! It’s a comedy! Lighten the fuck up!”

Oh, and we’ll be sure to have a woman deliver the joke about Jennifer Aniston looking old, so that we can point out that it’s always women who are catty. Am I right, guys?

It’s so awesome what we can get away with if we pretend it’s all a joke. Gerard Butler physically tackling a woman 80 pounds smaller than him? Hilarious!

The Bounty Hunter opens in the U.S. and Canada on March 19, and the U.K. on April 16.

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