Candy Land is most dreaded upcoming board-game adaptation, say readers of

Gloppy Candy Land

In a totally unscientific poll conducted on Facebook, the readers of have declared, by a wide margin, the upcoming film Candy Land as their most dreaded board-game adaptation.
Candy Land, based on the Hasbro racing game for very young children, is currently in preproduction, with star Adam Sandler and director Kevin Lima attached. No release date has been set.

A distant second in the poll was Ouija, to be directed by McG.

Candy Land is but one of a slew of board game-to-movie translations on Hollywood’s slate. In addition to Ouija, moviegoers can expect to see big-screen adaptations of Clue, Monopoly, and Risk coming to multiplexes over the next few years.

Battleship based on the military board game, may have just flopped with both audiences and critics, but Hollywood will not be deterred. It’s hard to see, at this point, what might put Hollywood off board-game movies. Perhaps if Sandler combines a toddler-friendly toy with the theme of his newest movie, That’s My Boy — that theme would be child rape played for laughs — we will finally see an end to this cinematic meltdown.

The next Facebook poll opens soon. Like me on Facebook to get in on the action.

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