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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

evening clickbait: Disney hates you and wants you to pirate its films; TV show canceled for having too many smart, interesting girl characters; woman makes art, men diminish it; censoring the Internet doesn’t work; SeaWorld worried about Blackfish; why Thor 2’s hot kiss was so hot

• Disney hates you and wants you to pirate its films. “Amazon Pulls Access to Purchased Christmas Videos During Christmas” [TorrentFreak]

• Hollywood Hates Women, Item No. 875,209. “Blood-Boiler of the Day: TV Show Canceled for Having Too Many Smart, Interesting Girl Characters” [Women and Hollywood]

• Woman makes art. And then men diminish and hide it. So what else is new? “Mystery of missing art of Pauline Boty” [Guardian]

• A reminder that censoring the Internet doesn’t work. “Bypass UK’s porn filter” [goawaycameron.co.uk]

• SeaWorld: Still worried that people will start to see orcas as people thanks to Blackfish. “SeaWorld launches ‘Blackfish’ counterattack in ads” [Orlando Sentinel]

• The AWFJ has a category for “Best Depiction of Nudity, Sexuality, or Seduction Award,” and I almost nominated this scene in Thor: The Dark World, it’s that hot. Now I know why. “Natalie Portman: Why Chris Hemsworth’s Wife was My Body Double for ‘Thor’ Love Scene” [Hollyscoop]

  • RogerBW

    People continue to pay for things they don’t realise they don’t own. They said I was mad for insisting on having my own storage server for music and video rather than a clous service. They don’t say that any more.

    As for the Cartoon Network show, it seems to me that at least some of the problem is trying to run shows based entirely on merchandising numbers. That’s a great way to do what you did last year, only not quite as well, as opposed to discovering a new market.

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