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evening clickbait: Disney hates you and wants you to pirate its films; TV show canceled for having too many smart, interesting girl characters; woman makes art, men diminish it; censoring the Internet doesn’t work; SeaWorld worried about Blackfish; why Thor 2’s hot kiss was so hot

• Disney hates you and wants you to pirate its films. “Amazon Pulls Access to Purchased Christmas Videos During Christmas” [TorrentFreak]

• Hollywood Hates Women, Item No. 875,209. “Blood-Boiler of the Day: TV Show Canceled for Having Too Many Smart, Interesting Girl Characters” [Women and Hollywood]

• Woman makes art. And then men diminish and hide it. So what else is new? “Mystery of missing art of Pauline Boty” [Guardian]

• A reminder that censoring the Internet doesn’t work. “Bypass UK’s porn filter” [goawaycameron.co.uk]

• SeaWorld: Still worried that people will start to see orcas as people thanks to Blackfish. “SeaWorld launches ‘Blackfish’ counterattack in ads” [Orlando Sentinel]

• The AWFJ has a category for “Best Depiction of Nudity, Sexuality, or Seduction Award,” and I almost nominated this scene in Thor: The Dark World, it’s that hot. Now I know why. “Natalie Portman: Why Chris Hemsworth’s Wife was My Body Double for ‘Thor’ Love Scene” [Hollyscoop]

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