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Alone Yet Not Alone trailer: the most horrifically racist thing you’ll see this year

If you’ve been following the Oscars this awards season, you’ll have heard about the kerfuffle over the nomination for Best Original Song for “Alone Yet Not Alone” from the film of the same name… which was later rescinded. Check out The Daily Beast and The Hollywood Reporter for background on the issue.

The nomination itself was controversial because the nomination was the first time almost anyone had even heard of the film. And that includes critics and the industry. Alone Yet Not Alone had a brief qualifying run in Los Angeles in November — which some have questioned the legitimacy of — but otherwise it hasn’t been seen by anyone. (And since the film played only once daily at 9:55pm, without any promotion, it’s likely no one saw it during the qualifying run, either.) Ordinary moviegoers may feel that they haven’t heard of half the nominees when they’re announced, and often it’s true that those films haven’t yet been seen by the public. But to critics and AMPAS members they’re usually old news.

This trailer is the first glimpse we’re getting of the film, a low-budget, “faith-based” historical drama:

It’s easy to laugh at the terrible accents, and at the blazing white teeth and perfectly sculpted eyebrows of women living in the woods in the 18th century. It’s not so easy to laugh at the juxtaposition of an “untamed” “savage”


with a literally slavering wolf


and their nonstop menacing and kidnapping of pretty blond women and children.

It’s really hard to take when this is supposed to be a work of people who think Jesus has their back.

US/Canada release date: Jun 13 2014
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