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River Song, meet Hello Kitty (and other adventures in social networking)

What my followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ saw today:
• I’m not sure if River Song would approve of being rendered so cutesy. (This is one of today’s Shirt Punch tees.) ShirtPunch!

Hello Sweetie River Song Hello Kitty style

• It’s stuff like this that makes you understand why some people are looking forward to the wrath of God bringing a cleansing fire to the earth… HGTV to Build Life-Sized Gingerbread House at Mall of America

• My NYC peeps! The Film Forum reopens today! Civilization is saved.

• Facebook needs a WTF button: They’re young. They’re in love. They eat lard.

British Lard Marketing Bureau ad 1957

I wonder if this is where Jasper Fforde got the idea for the Toast Marketing Board that is so all-powerful in his Thursday Next books.

• Most popular posts on FlickFilosopher this past week:

Skyfall (review)

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Step Up 4: Miami Heat (aka Step Up Revolution) (review)

Doctor Who thing of the day: Russell T. Davies threatening more Torchwood

question of the day: Who should — and should not — direct a new Star Wars movie for Disney?

question of the day: What Star Wars stories do you want to see in Episodes VII, VIII, and IX?

crazy person building full-scale replica of Millennium Falcon (and other adventures in social networking)

Sinister (review)

• Fun stuff from this week’s search terms, or how people found FlickFilosopher.com:

“busty mumm”
“naughty doctors”
“anglo-saxon attitudes”
“romney/ryan slash fic”
“flick filosophers” <--- plural? is there another one?! “ben whishaw boyfriend” <--- yeah, sorry, girls, rumor is he’s gay “connor trinneer boyfriend” <--- no, he’s not gay “daniel craig stubble” “pleasantly tipsy” “big ass” “big big ass” “fuckbigass.com” <--- Jesus, people... “why does joseph gordon levitt look funny in looper?” “female sexual superpower” “does harry potter support anti christ” “darkest and most depressing films” “strangest thing in the movie theatre” “sasha roiz girl” <--- er, what? “why doesnt the movie source code make sense” <--- ha! • Amazing to see how sure the guys were of the path they were deliberately taking, in a direction far different from the pop and rock of the day. And also to see how they struggle to explain an ethos that would later come to be encapsulated simply as "New Romantic." Duran Duran First Known Interview 1981

(hat-tips for today’s links: Katy, Tracy)

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