Chris Evans is Captain America, Michael Bay takes on ‘Monster Squad,’ Sarah Palin’s TV deal, and more: leftover links

Every week my browser gets cluttered up with tabs for stuff that I stumble across and figure I might be able to use as a Question of the Day or a WTF Thought for the Day or grist for some other post. And inevitably, I end the week with most of that material unused. But there’s no reason to let this stuff go to waste: I can still share it with you, for your amusement, and start the new week with a clean slate.

Herewith this week’s leftover links, in no particular order:
Is Chris Evans Set To Play ‘Captain America?’

The Disney Tittie Test: Casting Call Requires “Real Breasts” Only

Lloyd Dobler Was Not A Fan Of The Breakfast Club, Apparently

The 10 Kinds of Television Cameos

Top ten worst accents in movies

Will audiences ever want to see the ‘Twilight’ stars do anything else?

Why ‘TV Everywhere’ Will Fail

The stamp of Shakespeare’s on it

profile of Steve Prokopy, aka Ain’t It Cool News’ “Capone”

3-D movie boom leading to 3-D ticket price hikes

James Cameron vs. Glenn Beck: Let’s get it on!

Actor Robert Culp dies after fall

Long-running review show ‘At the Movies’ canceled

Fiverr: The Things People Will Write for $5

The week in geek: Paul WS Anderson to direct 3D Buck Rogers

“Popeye” will return to the big screen in 2011

‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ gets network deal

Nintendo to Develop Doctor Who Game?

Sandra Bullock: ‘Why I hate romantic comedies’

A Letter from David Mamet to the Writers of The Unit

Reacting to ‘Remember Me’: An Interview with Screenwriter Will Fetters

Michael Bay & Co. to Remake The Monster Squad

60% of Americans engaging in couch potato multitasking

Variety to studios: Stop giving scoops to the competition!

The Curious Case of the LAT Critic’s Chloe Flip-Flop

Magazine Editor Intentionally Spoils ‘Frozen’ — Because He Didn’t Like It

Why are Twi-hards Deserting RPattz and KStew at the Box Office When They Don’t Play Edward and Bella?

How do you find good critics’ quotes when everyone hates your movie?

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