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Trap for Cinderella review

Trap for Cinderella red light Tuppence Middleton Alexandra Roach

This overblown melodrama mistakes sensationalism for story, and is yet another repulsive tale of women’s friendships as toxic.
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Traumatized Micky (Tuppence Middleton: Trance) has survived a terrible fire that took her memory and killed her bestest childhood friend, Do (Alexandra Roach: Anna Karenina). As she struggles to overcome her amnesia, flashes from the past begin to hint at something darker in the cause of the fire than an accident and something nefarious in her recent reconnection with Do, whom she hadn’t seen in years. Aaaannnnd… then it becomes clear that this is gonna be yet another example of the genre Bitches Be Crazy, subgenre Women’s Relationships Are Actually Terrifying Toxic Nightmares Of Psychotic Lesbian Obsession. Based on the novel by Sébastien Japrisot [Amazon U.S.] [Amazon Canada] [Amazon U.K.], and adapted for the screen and directed by Iain Softley (Inkheart) — that’s right: two dudes; perhaps they’ve never met any actual women — this overblown melodrama is full of preposterous twists and mistakes sensationalism for story. Worst of all, however, is its abject terror of the bonds between women, which are clearly something to be suspicious of.

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Trap for Cinderella (2013)
US/Can release: Dec 13 2013 (VOD same day)
UK/Ire release: Jul 12 2013

Flick Filosopher Real Rating: rated BBC: bitches be crazy
BBFC: rated 15 (contains moderate sex and violence)

viewed in 2D
viewed at a private screening with an audience of critics

official site | IMDb | trailer
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